Cycling to Work

骑自行车上班 Cycling to Work

Nowadays, more and more people have private cars, and they use the cars most of the time. What's more, they sit in the office for a long time, so most of them have health issue. One of them is overweight. Some people advise to ride a bike during the way to office, which can not only help them to take exercise, but also can protect the environment by reducing the polluting gas. According to the report, the effect between cycling to work and taking exercise in the gym is the same. It is good news for the persons who sit in the office and don't have much time to do exercise. They can choose cycling as the regular exercise to keep fit. It is becoming more and more popular in western countries that people are advocated to ride bike on their way to work. 如今,越来越多的人拥有私人汽车。他们大部分时间都在使用汽车,而且,他们长期坐在办公室里,所以他们中的大多数人有健康问题,其中一点就是超重。有些人建议骑自行车去上班,这样不仅可以帮助他们锻炼身体,还可以通过减少污染气体保护环境。据报道,骑车上班和在健身房锻炼的效果是一样的,这对于坐在办公室里的人来说是一个好消息,因为他们没有太多的时间去运动,所以他们可以选择骑自行车作为一种常规锻炼来保持健康。在西方国家,骑自行车上班正在日渐流行,人们提倡这样的方式。

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