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童模 Child Model

As more young people become parents, they raise their children in a fashionable way. Most young parents dress their kids with stylish clothes, thus the market of child costume develops so fast that child model is demanding. The public holds different opinions of this job. 随着越来越多的年轻人成为父母,他们用时尚的方式养育孩子。大多数年轻父母都给孩子穿时髦的衣服,因此,童装市场发展迅速,市场也急需童模。公众对童模这份工作持有不同的意见。

The public first concerns about the overwork of children. When they choose to become a model, it is natural for them to shoot a lot photos, so the manufacturers ask them to overwork. Though some parents guarantee the break time, the strong competition makes the children work as adults do. They will lose freedom and can’t enjoy a happy childhood. 公众首先担忧的是孩子的超时工作。当孩子选择成为模特时,他们自然得拍摄很多照片,所以制造商会要求他们加班。尽管有些父母保证了休息的时间,但是激烈的竞争使得孩子们要做到成年人的工作量。他们将会失去自由,不能享受一个快乐的童年。

When children start their career, they will have access to the adult world, which makes them more mature than the average children. Some photos were criticized by the public. The children dress the sexy costume and act very mature. They imitate their adults. Recently, the child model imitated the victoria’s secret fashion show, doing the business run way. When people saw this, they were shocked by the sexy action. 当孩子开始他们的工作,就会接触到成人的世界,这使得他们比一般的孩子都要早熟。一些照片受到了大众的批评。孩子们穿着性感的服装,行为非常成熟,他们模仿成人。最近,童模模仿维多利亚的秘密时装秀,商业走秀。当人们看到这个的时候对那些性感的动作感到震惊。

Being a child model is acceptable, but parents should protect their children, for their innocent childhood, never try to cater to the manufacturers to earn money. 从事童模职业是可以接受的,但是父母应该保护好他们的孩子,为了他们天真无邪的童年,不要试图去迎合生产商赚钱的需求。

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