Nobody is Perfect

人无完人 Nobody is Perfect

There is a famous saying in Chinese proverb that Gold can’t be pure and nobody is perfect. But only few people realize its essence. Accepting the imperfection is the lesson that everybody should learn. The things they complain maybe the advantages in other people’s eyes. Shortcoming is part of human nature, so just be nice to it. 有一句著名的中国谚语,金无足赤,人无完人。但只有很少人意识到这句话的本意。接受不完美是每个人都应该学习的课程。他们抱怨的东西也许在别人的眼里反而是优点。缺点是人类本性的一部分,所以要乐于接受自己的缺点。

Nowadays, people are easy influenced by the hot comment. Someone asked the question of what gift should he buy for his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day with the budget of 200 RMB. Someone answered the best gift was freedom. A lot of people applauded for the wonderful reply. Another story about a girl was moved by his boyfriend’s gift of a cheap handbag, because the boy spent a lot of time choosing it. The most precious thing the girl received was the boy’s sincere heart. 如今,人们很容易受到热门评论的影响。有人提出了这样的问题,在情人节他该买什么礼物给他的女朋友,只有200元预算的情况下。有人回答最好的礼物是自由。很多人为这精彩的回答鼓掌。另一个关于一个女孩的故事,她男朋友送了她便宜的手袋,她却非常感动,因为那个男孩花了很多时间去选取这个礼物,女孩收到了最宝贵的东西,那就是男孩真诚的心。

Things can be much different if we change the way to treat others. Don’t be so hard on other people, life will be much easier and happier. Some parents think their kids are not good enough for not getting the high mark, actually, talent differs in many children. If adults accept their children’s imperfection, both the children and them can live the happy life. 如果我们改变对待他人的方式,事情就会不一样。别对其他人那么苛刻,生活就会更容易和更快乐。一些父母认为他们的孩子做得不够好,没有得到高分,实际上,每个孩子的天赋都是不一样的,如果大人能接受孩子的不完美,那么孩子和他们都能过上快乐的生活。

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