Following the Public Rules

遵守公共准则 Following the Public Rules

We need to follow all kinds of public rules, such as the manner rules and the traffic regulation. If we break the rules, then all the work will be out of order and everybody will suffer the loss. But few people just ignore the rules and waste other people’s time and money. 我们需要遵循各种各样的公共规则,如行为规则和交通规则。如果我们打破了这些规则,那么所有的工作将失去秩序,每个人都将遭受损失。但总有部分人忽视规则,浪费别人的时间和金钱。

Chinese high speed train has won many praise from foreign people. The trains always start off as the timetable and reach the destination on time. High speed train is popular by the public by its speed and punctuality, but what if someone breaks the traffic rule? Recently, a video got popular on the Internet. A woman was stuck in the door of high speed train and the staffs tried to stop her but failed. She said her husband was on the way and she wanted the train to start off later. How ridiculous it was. How could she let all the passengers to wait for her. Everybody’s time is precious. 中国高铁已经赢得了许多外国人们的赞扬。高铁总是按照时刻表出发,准时到达目的地。高铁因其速度和准时而受到大家的喜爱,但是如果有人打破了交通规则呢?最近,一个视频在互联网上传播,一个女人卡在高铁的门上,工作人员试图阻止她,但失败了。她说她的丈夫正在路上,她希望列车能晚点出发。真是荒诞,她怎么能让所有的乘客都等她一个人,每个人的时间都是宝贵的。

Though the woman apologized after the policemen’s education, what she did discomforts the public. The way she acted wasted the public’s time. It is our duty to follow rules and keep the public in order. 尽管在警察的教育后该女子进行了道歉,但是她所做的让公众都感到不舒服,她的行为方式浪费了大家的时间。我们有责任去遵守规则和维持公共秩序。

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