Score and Ability

分数与能力 Score and Ability

Imagine there are two students, one is good at getting high score in the exams and the other is good at many practical skills, so who will be popular? In school, there is no doubt that teachers like the former person, because education pays attention to the exam, and score is always the standard to judge a student. While in the job market, the latter is favored by the employers. They expect someone who has the practical skills and can make profits for the company. Score doesn't mean ability. In school, some talented kids will be ignored because of low score. They are easy to miss the chance of making differences. So we can't judge a person by score, which ability is also the important part to measure a person, even ability take over the score. 想象有两个学生,一个善于在考试中获取高分,另一个则擅长很多实用技能,那么谁会受欢迎呢?在学校,毫无疑问,教师喜欢前者,因为教育注重考试,而分数总是作为判断一个学生的标准。在就业市场,后者则是会受到雇主青睐,他们想要那些有实用技能,可以使公司盈利的人。分数并不意味着能力。在学校,一些有才华的孩子会因为分数低而被忽略,他们很容易错过机会。所以我们不能通过分数来判断一个人,能力也是衡量一个人的重要部分,甚至能力比分数更重要。

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