Does Smartphone Affects People’s Sleep?

手机对睡眠有影响吗? Does Smartphone Affects People’s Sleep?

With the popularity of smartphone, people use it all the time, no matter what they are doing. Many people have the habit of keeping smartphone at hand when they sleep, because they like to play it before sleep. Rumor goes that keeping cellphone around will bring cancer, but there is no direct evidence. 由于智能手机的普及,不管人们在做什么他们几乎所有的时间都在使用手机。很多人养成睡觉的时候把手机放在身旁的习惯,因为他们喜欢在睡觉之前玩一下手机。有传言声称把手机放身旁会导致癌症,但是并没有直接的证据说明这一推断。

It has been spread for a long time that electronic devices will radiate harmful elements and do harm to people’s health. When we see the news that people die of cancer, we will naturally think about electronic devices. It seems that our bodies were badly damaged by this radiation. As most people like to put their phones around them when they sleep, they are so worried about their health. 关于电子设备会辐射有害元素并伤害人们健康的传言已经散播了很长一段时间。当我们看到有人死于癌症的消息,自然会想到电子设备。似乎大家的身体已经被辐射严重损害了。由于大多数人都喜欢在他们睡觉时把手机放在身边,所以他们很担心自己的健康。

According to the experts, they said that keeping smartphone around the bed would surely affect our sleep, because when the phone receiving message, the screen would turn light or make some noise, which would disturb us from sweet dreams, then affect our health. So regardless of the unsure radiation, we should stay away smartphone when we sleep. 据专家说,把智能手机放在床边肯定会影响我们的睡眠,因为手机收到消息的时候,屏幕会发光或者发出一些声音,打扰我们的美梦,从而影响我们的健康。所以无论是否存在辐射,我们都应该在睡觉时远离手机。

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