The Real Equality

真正的平等 The Real Equality

Men and women have been advocated to be equal for a long time and a lot of great women have fought for the equal rights. The famous magazine put forward the People of the Year and women won this honor. The issue of equality caught the public’s attention again. 一直以来人们都在提倡男女平等,很多伟大的女性都在争取平等权利。著名的杂志公布了年度人物,女性赢得了这份荣誉。平等的问题再次引起了公众的关注。

Today, as young female have received high education, they have the strong will to fight for their rights. They want to be paid the same salary as men for the same position. More girls believe that they can do the men’s work and take the place of them. Actually, this is the wrong idea about equality. 今天,由于年轻女性接受到高等教育,她们有着坚强的意志去争取自己的权利,在相同的岗位上她们想要得到与男性相同的报酬。越来越多的女孩认为她们可以做男性的工作,取代他们的位置。其实,这是关于平等的错误想法。

It is known to all that men and women have different body figures, which means they are good at different things. For example, men have greater strength than women, so they are good at doing labor work, while women are much patient, who are good at nurturing children. Everybody finds their own place in the world and no matter what kind of work they are doing, they deserve to be paid equally regardless of different gender. 众所周知,男性和女性有着不同的体型,这意味着他们擅长的事情也不一样。例如,男性比女性更有力量,所以他们擅长做体力方面的工作,而女性则更具有耐心,善于教育孩子。每个人都可以找到自己在世界上的地位,不管性别之分,无论做什么样的工作,都应该得到同样的报酬。

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