High School in America

High school is a very important stage for students around the world. Chinese students spend a lot of time studying and they think it is the hardest stage for them. But when we look at the high school in America, students feel much easier. People believe that study in America is an easy thing. 高中对于世界各地的学生来说都是非常重要的阶段,中国学生花了很多时间在学习上,他们认为这是最困难的阶段。但我们看看美国的高中,那里的学生就轻松很多了。人们认为在美国学习是一件很容易的事情。

When we look at the screen, the school atmosphere is so lively. High school students always hang out with friends and take part in all kinds of parties, which seems that they don’t need to worry about their study. When we see this, we feel envious. How nice it would be if our school life is like this? 我们看向屏幕里的校园,学校气氛很活泼,高中生总是与朋友出去玩,参加各种各样的聚会,似乎他们不需要担心学习。当我们看到这个的时候,就会感到嫉妒,如果我们的学校生活是这样那该有多好啊。

Actually, what we know about the American teenagers’ life is not true for all. Some high school students know they will not go to college and choose to enjoy the school life. While for some students who want to fight for the top college, they need to study very hard. At the same time, they also need to take part in some activities to cater for the college’s permission. So don’t be misled by the superficial phenomenon. 实际上,我们所了解的美国青少年的生活是不正确的。一些高中学生知道自己不会去上大学,所以选择享受学校生活。而对于一些想要争夺顶尖大学的学生,他们需要非常努力学习,同时,他们也需要参加一些活动来满足大学的录取条件。所以不要被表面现象所误导。

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